Why are we designers that are business geeks as well?
How it all strarted?
Story of creation
Stefan Tošić     I mean I heard that 90% of all new businesses fail, but I didn't believe it. For 8y I worked with my first 300 clients, and I thought that it's just a coincidence when it happened to them.
2y ago
I became convinced when I saw with my own eyes how a 50 million $ corporation is just destroyed in one year by not syncing business, marketing and design.
That got me thinking...
There is a gap in the market
So I took an unbiased look at the whole situation.
On one side we have
Visual designers — that apsolutelly don’t have aspirations to learn business, just want to design
On the other side we have
Business owners — that don’t even know how designers can help them. “They make things pretty right?”
But isn't the main task of a designer is to recognize any challenge in any area and to find a solution for it?
Stefan Tošić
CEO and Product Design
So I decided to found a design agency that will do just that - create experiences and interfaces that are goal-oriented.
Our biggest investments are our people
Stefan Tošić
CEO | Founder | Art Director
Tajan Tomić
COO | Product Designer | CoFounder
Iva Stokić
UX-UI Designer | Strategist
Milica Stojković
UI Designer | Illustrator
Miloš Obradović
Project Manager
Aleksandar Tošić
Videographer | Animator
Milena Stojković
Community Manager
Milica Stanojević
Client Relationships Manager
In the last 3 years, we invested more than $30k for the education of our team.
In clarity is power.
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