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A fast, cutting-edge platform tailored to your needs.

An all-in-one platform with the easiest way to research projects, apply to the whitelist, invest in early crypto projects, launch your project, and more.


Vent is a simple DeFi crowdfunding platform meant for visionary individuals who want to invest in early crypto projects, while staying protected, in a trusted environment. Vent helps their customers feel rich, connected to people, involved in the community and have an enjoyable user experience.

Vent places great emphasis on customer service, which is there for tech and non-tech users, with the aim of making the platform as simple and fun as possible.

What we found out from our Brand Workshop with the client:

How others perceive Vent

A global, inclusive, accessible, and trustworthy platform. Vent keeps its users in touch with the community and up-to-date.

Vent culture and values

The core values ​​are empathy, simplicity, and innovation. Vent is dedicated to high-quality design and maintaining a great user experience.

What are the user benefits

Vent provides a simple, easy-to-use platform that helps others participate and invest in projects, as they simultaneously become involved in the community.

Brand assets


The branding we were provided contained the Rational Display typeface, which was intended for typographic elements such as titles, labels, and numbers. It was necessary to find another typeface for other elements that would be a perfect match.

We chose Inter to go along with Rational Display. Inter is a strong and neutral sans-serif typeface that is simple and modern enough to match the bold Rational Display font.


We used playful icons that match the typography and the overall brand. We wanted to be sure that the brand would not become too frivolous, so we used a simplified and professional approach to create balance.

Illustrations and badges

This project is very clean and simple. However, we still found the space to make it fun, because that is one of the basic values ​​of Vent. We decided to spice up the empty states with minimalistic and fun illustrations.


With its appearance and layout, the Vent website corresponds to the Vent application. The layout is clean and easy to use, and brand elements such as icons and badges add a bit of spice. The website contains various pages, including: Home Page, About Us, Brand Assets, News, and a Blog, to name a few.

We used a 12 column grid, which allowed us to easily adapt the design to mobile and tablet devices.


After a detailed study of the client's brief, we analysed the competition. Once we had all the information, a few of the most important needs stood out:


Users want a platform that is accessible where they can easily access the information it contains.


Vent users need to have control, to be able to easily review their transactions, and to access their account.

Intuitive flow

Users need an easy way to invest in projects as well as to submit their projects to the whitelist through a few easy steps.


The main dashboard contains the 4 most important widgets: Portfolio Value, Whitelist Project, Transactions, and Hot Projects widgets. Each of them is intended to provide easy access to information, while directing to the next step and navigating the user through the platform. Design-wise, we adapted the layout of the dashboard to the brand--easy, simple, and accessible at first sight.

In addition to the main dashboard, it was necessary to create a Project Profile page. This page is meant for potential investors. We needed to decide which information is important and to prioritise. The biggest challenge was to fit all the elements into the Pool card.

The client wanted everything to be in the card form. The challenge was to fit all the cards into the grid so that they were balanced and everything was nicely aligned. We achieved this by using a 12 column grid throughout the design, which allowed us to easily arrange the elements.

We’ve also created an All Projects page where you can view featured and whitelisted projects, a Recent Activity page for an overview of transactions, a User Profile Page, a Staking dashboard for managing tokens and points, and a Claim Station, all of which we later made responsive to tablet and mobile devices.


We helped Vent launch the first full-stack Cardano-Polygon Community Launchpad Eco, which enables transparent, community-oriented, and sustainable growth, and is accessible on any device. At the moment, Vent has a circulating supply of around 29.2 million $VENT. Since the launch, the #VentUp launchpad has 20k new registered users, and we are very proud to be a part of that success, to have helped them reach their goals and set up a strong foundation for even greater progress.

Vent website is live and available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Find more information on Vent website, Telegram, Twitter or YouTube channel.

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